We are a busy medical centre located in Drummoyne. We get a lot of traffic passing and there are always many different types of emergencies that present at our practice 7 days a week.
Our treatment room is almost fully equipped for emergencies, but the only thing we are missing is a defibrillator.
We wish that we had a defibrillator at our practice for emergencies to save lives.

Dominic Lozinski, Birkenhead Medical Centre

To have the costs of hiring a hall for my healing circle workshop covered for 12 months.The cost is $100 each month. The healing circle is a self improvement workshop whereby payment is by donation only

Amanda Ortega, Amanda Ortega Coaching and Holistic Wellbeing

We are a small independent gallery and studio that could really use an upgrade on our current transaction system.

At the moment we have room sheets and title cards which let the public know the price of artworks. Upon the sale of works we take down our client’s details and then send them an invoice electronically after the fact.

What we’d love is to implement a system like Go Canvas or Wave, which are cloud-based software services that enable businesses to replace paper forms with apps on your smartphone and tablets. This means when the sale of an artwork happens, we can make the transaction and issue an invoice on the spot and seamlessly which would be amazing!

We would need funds to purchase a subscription fee, as well as a new smartphone and tablet.

Laura Lay, He Made She Made

Craving gluten, dairy and refined sugar free baking mixes and freshly baked loaves that are incredibly delicious and extremely healthy for you? Me too! I am a Wholefood Dietitian and I have the recipes, the ingredients list, the packaging ideas, and the online store/website in production! The problem is they all demand funding at the same time. If you could grant my wish of paying the $2000 for my website design and development, the loaves and mixes will be able to be sent out to those in need of a healthy sweet treat much sooner. It will allow me to focus my savings on buying the best quality ingredients and packaging them up and sending them out quicker!

Larina Robinson, The Body Dietetics

I have been a teacher for many years and recently have opened my own tutoring business, called Learning Connections Tutorial. I would like to have the opportunity to develop this business enough to not only support me and my family, but to be able to offer low cost tutoring to the children of under privileged families. These children are usually 1-5 years behind and struggling. To fulfil this wish the business needs marketing assistance and website advice. The money that would be used for these purposes will go towards paying for subsidised tutoring places

Zoe Buckley, Learning Connections Tutorial

My practicing licence would be restored, so that I can start operate my business.

Eva Vaszolyi, Eva Vaszolyi Psychologist

a new bricksaw

benjamin adams, Jindalee landscapes

We WISH for assistance in trademarking a few of our ideas and designs so that our business can expand. The cost is around $2,000 and would allow the production and creation of a series of products and services.

Tomas Jajesnica, Mr Meditate

Teaching meditation as a stress reduction and productivity tool for businesses (large and small), I wish to continue my development and progress from being an instructor to a teacher. The wish is for a Teacher Training Course worth $990 for me and a colleague.

Tomas Jajesnica, Mr Meditate

Our business is an online community of Australian Healthcare Specialists. We offer a free service to patients seeking a Specialist or Healthcare Practice in their area and allows them to request an appointment anytime day or night – quickly and easily. What makes us stand out from other online companies is our unique personal service. We go above and beyond to ensure that patients don’t need to wait for specialist healthcare and we track down the first available appointment.

Our business was established based on the need to help others and make a difference. After my husband Darren (Co-founder) was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia (AML) we vowed to make a difference in some way to help others that have to endure lengthy waiting lists. To date we have funded the start up, staff wages and running of this business ourselves. This has been a huge financial burden for our family but it is something we are very passionate about. As we want to keep the service free for patients, we now feel it is time to start exploring options to generate more revenue.

This wish would help us make changes to our website to attract more Healthcare Specialists to join our community and also Australian businesses to advertise on our site. This would involve further web design, SEO and marketing services. As a result of these additions we believe that our site will attract more traffic making it easier for patients in need to find us.

Michelle Lemin,

I would dearly love to attend this training:

I have social media clients and am in the middle of devising social media offerings to increase the viability of my business and that of others in my geographical area, as we’re fairly isolated and yet no one here really understands how powerful social media can be, particularly those with tourist-based businesses.

This training would help me round out my own knowledge of social media and ensure that I could then teach and consult with others to ensure that their utilising technology to the max in terms fo communicating with and attracting new customers and clients. A win-win for everybody!

Shan Watts, Joy and Resonance

As a busy mum of 2, starting and running a small business is hard work, especially when you’re running the house on one income. That means that any business money goes back into the business to fund essential equipment.
$2000 to me means a laptop and a printer which will allow me to expand things and make things significantly easier to juggle around the kids.
$2000 to me is also the difference between 1 car for the whole family or 2.
$2000 to me means my insurance is covered for several years.
$2000 is heaps of money to a small business and it would be great to be on the receiving end. My business is designed to help the little guy, and I’m a little guy too so it would be great to be on the receiving end of a helping hand.

Korryn Malzard, Virtually Virtual

I coach my clients in their career transitions and regarding work issues. I wish that I could do a course on an Assessment tool to assist my clients further. Understanding them better through this tool would benefit everyone and make me a better coach.

Karen Lewitton, Outcome Coaching

I’m a fresh Film & TV Graduate, and I’ve just (and I mean skin of my teeth) secured financing to buy a Steadicam, a highly specialised piece of equipment. However, that’s left me without many items that are considered absolute basics, like having a laptop to be able to back up footage on set. Considered basics by my peers and industry, this is a complete luxury for me and my business, and will be for a year.

Nathan Chapman, CHAPMAN, NATHAN

My business wish is to have an autoclave for sterilising equipment which would save me a bundle not having to purchase so many pairs of clippers and would free up money in the business to promote and expand

Elizabeth Allan, Liz’s Footcare To You

We are a small consulting business and would really like a decent photocopy machine. The one we have works very hard and is a cheap model that breaks down often and costs us a fortune in ink. A nice new machine with lots of functions would really help us out.

Susan Welsh, Business Planning Services

Oh boy. So many things to wish for, but I would love to upgrade my CAD software and purchase an iPAD. Upgrading my CAD software means I will be able to work more efficiently – knocking interior projects on the head and taking more on. And with an iPAD I’ll then be able to showcase these projects to future clients without the sinking feeling that my ole’ Dell Laptop doesn’t suit the surrounding decor!

Laura Kepreotis, North Left

I would love a new induction cooktop for my cake business as my existing one is 40 years old!

Renae Plueckhahn, Cake love at Pindari

My wish is to apply for a firms liecence, which is $1000 for 1 year. If my wish was granted I could start employing more security staff and make a huge difference in the community. My future goal is to supply gotcha CCTV systems in every street Australia wide, improving safety and security to residents around the country.

Mark Ansems, Gotcha CCTV

Our business runs the program Alive intaitive which brings co curricular activities to schools. Classes are held before school, on the side class ,in class and after school. Some of the many clubs we currently offer are science, puppetry, drama, dungeons and dragons, chess and photography.
We hold a fundraising chess tournament each term for the guides at capalaba to aid their goals in replacing the roof on their hut.
Once a term we offer a state school free lesson in chess.
Our aim is to provide put up not putdown environments for school aged students in all different experiences and activities.
We would like help in putting together a Government Grant submission for help accessing money to set up a get fit class using game consoles and other hardware to enable all students especially those who don’t normally get involved in sport to improve social skills while being more active with group in a fun activity.
The cost of this submission and compliance help will be $1500
This will help me bring my business to the next level and allow me to provide something that is completely new and cutting edge while actively aiding schools to win the battle against bullying.

Dennise Herd, Dratculash Enterprises

I wish for an electric pottery kiln so ceramicists can fire there clay creations at my art gallery by hiring it out, this will help draw in a wider part of the art community and make my gallery a more unique space. Thank you

Cameron Silman, Polyn

I wish for the production of banners, stickers, uniforms and a life size Mr Meditate character to promote the wonderful benefits of meditation with the public.

Tomas Jajesnica, Mr Meditate

I would like to be able to expand my small business by incorporating new products into the range I now have.These will be e=commerce products of natural and organic soaps and mositurisers .pet shampoo and washing detergents no chemical type.
The region I look at for these products are in the North Eastern NSW area and South Queensland where many producers have been having a drought.
Anywhere i can give assistance by joining forces with these small producers will be of benefit to the communities and the families.It also produces more taxations and assist the bottom line of stability. If, at a later date there are other manufacturers who are making Australian Natural product, such as fragrance candles, macadamia oils and nuts these will also be incorporated. The designing of packet and packaging for products will also be designed by local artistic design companies Every thing that I envisage as shown will complement local industry.
The way I see this is that products could be purchased by the wish to have $2000 and, then on sold to the greater public .
At 10% GST there would be a tax benefit of $700 and a payment to an employee of $1200 a month. again this is a way to assist the total members of producer’s families and those employed.
Socially, there is less stress on families and better self esteem being achieved.

Owen Nair-Marshall, Inca Zone T/A Risis Orqedea Negro

Teaching meditation in the business environment as a stress reduction and productivity tool I wish to update our website with some clever and unique design and functionality. We would include a booking system and an automated contact system.

Tomas Jajesnica, Mr Meditate

air condinioning for customer area

maria dolingo, my place cafe

I have recently purchased an online business and most of my capital has been used up in the purchase price. It would make this new business much easier and more efficient if I had a faster solid state drive Asus Laptop Computer to run this business with.

Kenneth DG Riley, PRA

I wish for a brand new iPhone 6 64GB (white) as I would like to upgrade my current phone. I use my phone almost all day everyday and it’s my primary tool for business. My current phone can’t seem to keep up with the tasks I ask it to do so it’s time to upgrade. We runs Mac environment here and we have been thinking about buying a new iPhone but have done some research and have found out there is a new model coming out within 8 weeks.

Simon Daniele, Relion

As a very recently established social and emotional wellbeing consultant I divide my time between corporate clients and community development programs to empower those whose life experiences are detrimental to their wellbeing to turn their life around. Over many years of involvement in community services and delivery I developed an educational tool to teach people how to identify, understand and manage their emotions, improve their relationships and become more resilient. I also completed a Bachelor of Psychology and Addiction Studies which took me five years as I was also working.
The certification to be an EQ-i 2.0 practitioner would enable me to administer the EQ-i 2.0 Emotional Intelligence assessment tool published by MHS (
The Emotional Quotient Inventory provides a measure of one’s wellbeing based on their interaction with the environment he/she operates in. Assessing an individual‘s emotional intelligence supports the development of a targeted action plan to enhance wellbeing and capacity for personal and professional achievements.
Aside from being a great tool in itself, the EQ-I 2.0 would allow me to conduct pre and post training measures. As there is currently no accredited practitioner in WA, it would give me a great marketing edge. The training is between $2000-$2500 depending on providers and I would have to fly over east. (
Thank you for helping cover the cost!

Jacqueline Harter, Jacqueline Harter

I have just had to buy a ute to service my business needs but I cannot afford to deck the tray out with the toolboxes and canopy I need it would be my ultimate wish to have a tray that housed all of my tools and equipment were it is needed and would make it working days so much easier. This would also mean that my tools would be locked away and safe from prying hands. I would be eternally grateful if you were to grant me my biggest wish.

Mick McKay, Your Mate Mick Maintenance

$2000 to spend on stock/consumables for my digital garment printing business would be awesome, this would help kick-start my business along immensely!

Karen Reichelt, Kraazy Merch Co