BizCover Launches Small Business Buddy Program

4 June 2014

 BizCover is doing their part to turn dreams into reality, with a new initiative created as a testament to the Australian small business community.

 BizCover has signed on to be the fairy godmother for small business, but instead of turning a pumpkin into a carriage, they’ll be granting the wishes of small businesses around Australia.

The Small Business Buddy Program was created to give back to the small business community. Twice a month BizCover will grant a wish for a product or service by one of the many entrants. $60,000 has been committed to the cause, with wishes valued at up to two thousand dollars granted every fortnight.

BizCover has long been an advocate for the small business. Their ground-breaking online insurance service, which provides instant quotes from Australia’s leading insurers in a matter of minutes, is built to save the hardworking small business community time, energy and money. The technology is tailored to the small business, asking personal questions about their services in order to provide them with the quotes from leading insurers that will suit them best. It then allows them to compare instantly and purchase online.

Any small business owner or employee can make a wish in the Small Business Buddy Program. Entrants need not be policyholders with BizCover’s actual insurance service, and can submit as many wishes as they like. BizCover will grant wishes in the form of a product or service but not give away cash. Examples include iPads or other pieces of technology, website design services and consulting services, even a new coffee machine for the office! Small businesses are defined as companies with less than twenty employees and to enter business require a valid ABN.

“So much of BizCover’s success is due to the small business community, who have embraced our services over more traditional methods of buying insurance,” said BizCover Founder and Managing Director, Michael Gottlieb. “This program is just one way we aim to give back to that community, to thank them for their support and for sharing in BizCover’s vision.”

If there’s something you really need or that would make your business life a little easier, take two minutes to state your case online and you could be one of many small businesses who find their wishes granted.

“It is so encouraging to see a business like BizCover demonstrate their support for the small business community with this fantastic program,” said John Todd, Chairman of BEC Australia. “There are so many small businesses who could do with a helping hand and the BizCover Small Business Buddy program will provide the opportunity for businesses to have their wish granted. I encourage all small businesses to make a wish as it could make a positive difference in their daily life.”

“I commend BizCover for their willingness to go above and beyond in their support small business with this initiative and their sponsorship of the Local Business Awards,” added Steve Loe, Managing Director of Precent Products. “Your business’ involvement in the Small Business Buddy program could make a real difference to your team, whatever your wish may be.”

The initiative starts at the beginning of June. Almost as easy as wishing on a star and with a far better chance for results, make a wish today and you could find your pumpkins turned into carriages in no time.

For more information visit or call 1300 249 268

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