• We are a busy medical centre located in Drummoyne. We get a lot of traffic passing and there are always many different types of emergencies that present at our practice …

    Dominic Lozinski, Birkenhead Medical Centre

  • We are a small consulting business and would really like a decent photocopy machine. The one we have works very hard and is a cheap model that breaks down …

    Susan Welsh, Business Planning Services

  • To have the costs of hiring a hall for my healing circle workshop covered for 12 months.The cost is $100 each month. The healing circle is a self improvement workshop …

    Amanda Ortega, Amanda Ortega Coaching and Holistic Wellbeing

  • Oh boy. So many things to wish for, but I would love to upgrade my CAD software and purchase an iPAD. Upgrading my CAD software means I will be able …

    Laura Kepreotis, North Left

  • We are a small independent gallery and studio that could really use an upgrade on our current transaction system.

    At the moment we have room sheets and title cards which …

    Laura Lay, He Made She Made

  • I would love a new induction cooktop for my cake business as my existing one is 40 years old!

    Renae Plueckhahn, Cake love at Pindari

  • Craving gluten, dairy and refined sugar free baking mixes and freshly baked loaves that are incredibly delicious and extremely healthy for you? Me too! I am a Wholefood Dietitian and …

    Larina Robinson, The Body Dietetics

  • My wish is to apply for a firms liecence, which is $1000 for 1 year. If my wish was granted I could start employing more security staff and make a …

    Mark Ansems, Gotcha CCTV

  • I have been a teacher for many years and recently have opened my own tutoring business, called Learning Connections Tutorial. I would like to have the opportunity to develop this …

    Zoe Buckley, Learning Connections Tutorial

  • Our business runs the program Alive intaitive which brings co curricular activities to schools. Classes are held before school, on the side class ,in class and after school. Some of …

    Dennise Herd, Dratculash Enterprises

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small business BUDDY is our way of giving back to the small business community who fuel our economy. For too long small business has been ignored and now is your turn to shine. That’s why every second month BizCover will grant the wish of one small business owner to help spark a new revenue stream or just make life a little easier.

We’re constantly blown away by the dedication, sacrifice and commitment these unsung heroes’ put into their work and the Small Business Buddy program aims to remove some of the simple barriers to growth that business owners face every day.

Click on the MAKE A WISH button.

Make your business wish in 250 words or less and complete the form.

All wishes must be for a tangible item or service to benefit your business.

At the end of each entry period, BizCover will choose finalists

The Winner will be determined by voting on our Facebook Page.

Share the love by telling your business mates and colleagues to make a wish.

Your business has less than 20 employees.

Your business has a valid ABN.

All wishes need to be for an actual product or service eg fitness equipment, laser machine, SEO consulting etc – anything that would help your business. We cannot give away cash.

The recommended retail price for the product or service you wish for cannot exceed $2,000.

Only one wish per business will be granted and you can submit as many wishes as you like.

Businesses must have a valid ABN to be eligible to enter and be granted a wish.

1 wish will be granted every second month and it could be yours.

The fine print


Megan Webster, Woofwatchers

Read Megan’s barking good story here